Why choose us

Why choose us

Preparing for your success,
we provide Software solutions.

The Software Development and IT services that Hipster are running can be segmented by the type of skills employed to deliver the service (Design, Develop, Deploy). From initial design to hardware integrations, we deliver a complete software solution so you can focus on growing your core business.

4Years’ Experience in IT

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UI/UX & Graphic Design 95%
Search Engine Optimization 90%
Mobile app Development 92%
Website Development 83%
Infrastructure & IT 85%
Deploy & Support after launch 95%

What makes us different

Entrepreneurial Background
We are a bunch of serial entrepreneurs who started developing their own products years before helping other founders. We know startups and has been in shoes of a Technoprenuer.
Complete Product Research Before Development
We just don't wait for instructions from you. We do listen to your short term and long term goals that you want BUT We plan the features and strategy that you actually need.
Quality Control System
It's more than a responsibility but a guarantee from us to gain customer trust with highly reliable quality control system.
End to End Solution
From sexy UI/UX design to development, we do take care of everything geeky in between including hardware integration & highly available Infrastructure
Highly Professional Staffs
We do believe in Malcolm Gladwell's rule of 10,000 hours of practice before being professionals. Your projects are handled by those professionals who already coded 10,000 hours for Softwares and technical fields
Value for Money
Like any startup founders out there, we also believe in the idea of bootstrapping and reusing what is already available there, It keeps our cost low.