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Website Development

Web development is the work involved in designing, creating and developing web pages which are as per the requirements of a business, an individual or an organization. The main purpose of the website development is bringing digital visibility of a business or its services on the Internet (World Wide Web). This allows users to search for information and services a business has to offer through a mobile device or a computer system.

We develop custom websites based on your requirements, using tools namely WordPress, Magneto, Prestashop, etc to provide your business with the best website development Singapore. We are one of the best top website development company Singapore and have developed websites for several startups and SMEs.


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Below are some examples of the kind of websites we design and develop:

E-commerce Website

E-commerce websites are those which allow the user or businesses to conduct the sale and purchase of products online. We use WordPress and Magento (CRM) tools for e-commerce website development. This provides customers with an elevated and more engaging experience on the website. Our custom website development company Singapore has helped many businesses in developing an e-commerce platform for their businesses.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website allows you to showcase your products or services to the visitors or existing users. We have created such portfolios using unique design themes that align with your business operations. This allows you to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your visibility. Hipster provides you with web development services for your business portfolio which is in alignment with your business operations.

Web Progressive App

A web progressive app is that type of website application which gives the usability and features of a native app but on a web browser. A PWA is more reliable and fast in terms of loading thanks to the caching of content through Service Workers. We use programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript for developing reliable and smooth operating web progressive apps which will give your visitors a smooth and faster loading time and reduce attrition.

Loading Page

A landing page is a standalone web page that opens when clicked upon by a user. A landing page allows users to view information by clicking on relevant links or keywords/ads. We optimize the SEO and the content for the landing page with ad content. We provide data from Google analytics which shows the conversion rate and the click-through rate of the landing page and even gathers the mailing list of the subscribers.


A blog is that type of website which is updated constantly to increase visibility and reach more audience. Hipster will help your website by putting the content for your business on a blog. This allows the website visitors to access information about your business or the industry trends in which you are operating. We create visually appealing blogs that are easy to navigate and are precise in delivering the right content. Click here: Software Development Agency

Social Media Website

We help businesses by looking after their social media platforms to link the website to their social media accounts. The integration of your social media accounts is done using website development tools like WordPress, Shopify or even HubSpot. We even look after the content, SEO and posts that help in increasing visibility for your business and also provide a feedback forum for your customers.


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