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March 21, 2020
Web Design Agency Singapore

Website designing is a crucial aspect of any business that is present online. The competition is immense when it comes to eCommerce and selling your products/services on the internet. Setting up a website for your company that is user-friendly and interactive is one of the first steps in taking the business forward. A lot of factors such as website design, content strategy, SEO optimization, etc. come into play and directly or indirectly affect your business growth. Therefore, understanding the importance and benefits of good website design is crucial.

Importance of Web Design

Many have made the mistake of underestimating the value of website designing and shy away from consulting a web design company. Superficial as it may seem, website design is the first thing a user notices upon visiting your website. According to the research held at Stanford University, website design plays a 75% role in helping determine the credibility of businesses. What this means is that a good design will help you establish trust and credibility in the market, which in turn will generate higher sales and long-term customers.

There are many advantages of good website design. Some of the most prominent ones are mentioned below:

  • Better Navigation for users: A good website design makes navigating through products, pages, and information easier for the users when they visit your company’s website.
  • Enhanced Usability: It is not just usability but also the perception of usability which is influenced by website design. Users tend to get frustrated if they can’t find something on your website, and bland website design may enhance that frustration.
  • Better Conversion: Websites that are designed in a manner that highlights offers, initiate a call to action, and call attention to your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) are more likely to convert users into customers.
  • Customer Retention: A good website design enhances trust among users. Since your website design is sort of a first impression that users form of your company, it is crucial to invest in your eCommerce website design.

Web Design Company

Factors like website speed, accessibility, navigation, and mobile-friendliness are all affected by your website design. Statistics show that nearly 40% of users stop engaging with the website if the layout is not good. Therefore, the importance of a good website design makes itself clear.

Why hire a Web Design Agency?

Keeping in mind all the advantages of good website design, the next question you need to ask yourself is how to get your website up and running with the design that will cater to your business needs? Well, you hire a specialist to do the job for you.

Hipster-Inc. is one of the most reliable web design agency Singapore. The company has offices in Singapore, South Korea, and India. It provides a range of website designing and development services across the globe at reasonable prices.

With the world turning towards the internet to gather customers, small businesses can grow exponentially if they form a good online presence.

Hipster-Inc. is a leading eCommerce website design company that can help grow your business and establish a respectable online presence. We provide a range of services that include web app development, mobile app development, graphic designing, website designing, SEO optimization, etc.

There is no lack of web design agency Singapore, however, what makes Hipster stand out is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We engage extensively with our customers to deliver only the best solutions. Our work is streamlined with the customer’s expectations and every little detail is shared with the clients to help them visualize the final product better.  Constant communication and rigorous testing make our finalized products optimal.

Considering an upgrade for your eCommerce website? Get in touch with us at contact@hipster-inc.com or call us (+65 82314107).