Virtual Event Management Solution

January 11, 2021
Virtual Event Management Solution

When it comes to online event management, Hipster has the perfect tool to help organise your virtual events in an efficient and reliable manner. Our event management tool provides a complete solution and we work with you from the beginning to the end. After getting in touch with us and sharing the details of your virtual event, we create a personalized microsite for your event, just the way you plan a physical event but in this case, virtually with our event management tool. Your participants will receive regular notifications about the event and can view it live and interact with each other while it happens.

Online Virtual Event Management Singapore

Some basic features of Hipster’s Event Management Tool

  • It can organise formal as well as informal events.
  • The tool works for hybrid events too, i.e. events that are a mixture of in-person and virtual gatherings.
  • Attendees can view the live stream of your event and interact among each other using the chat option.
  • The tool incorporates all basic features of virtual event interaction.

Types of Virtual Events

Face to face interaction will always be important, but on several occasions going virtual is a necessary step of your event. In virtual events individuals attend the event online instead of physically being present at a designated venue. Organizing a virtual and in-person event are not so different. In both types of events you have to promote the event, engage your audience, and run the show successfully. The only things that are missing include the venue and live audience. Virtual events can also be organized with an in person event as virtual events are not a replacement of an in person events but a new type to add.

There are 4 main types of virtual events:



It is a live online seminar and generally lasts somewhere from 40 to 90 minutes. Webinars are generally informative, interactive, asking questions and discussing their answer in real time. Organizations holding a webinar can also charge their audience or be offered for free. Due to their educational nature, a well promoted webinar has a large number of attendees. For example- Microsoft organized a webinar on “top 5 security threats facing your business and how to respond”.


Just like in-person conferences, a virtual conference is organized in a way that participants can meet, chat and discuss themes of a common topic. Virtual conferences are usually built around a live and complicated topic. In person conferences are more effective in terms of lead capture and networking opportunities but virtual conferences allow attendees to view keynotes, built their own view point from apt and on demand content.



There are many organizations that span across countries and even continents. Internal hybrid events are used to communicate with entire company while their employees are not gathered at one place. It is also financially viable as to fly every employee to your company’s headquarters is very expensive and time consuming.


These events are held for participants outside the company but have similar interest or industry. Through external hybrid event they come together to exchange ideas, show their products or make announcements. These events need higher level of video production as they have to provide similar quality to virtual attendees as in person attendees.



Virtual events are held for the same reasons as in person events: to increase your company’s reach and revenue, deliver their message and build loyalty. When deciding to make your event virtual or not, consider what you hope to gain from the event and how virtual event is suitable for your goals.

  1. It can enhance the reach of any in person event. As virtual option allow you to accommodate even those attendees who are unable to reach the venue.
  2. It is financially viable. Small events and webinars of an organization can be held virtually. And it help in saving money for the largest event of the year which brings in largest number of leads.
  3. Some situations allow only for virtual interaction. The recent advent of Covid-19 virus and the global lockdown has shown the entire world the importance of virtual communication. Similarly, natural calamities, political disturbances, travel bans, etc. all disallow for in-person events and call for an effective method of virtual event organization.
  1. Virtual events like in person events needs good marketing strategy. Without good marketing and promotion the event will not have sufficient audience.
  2. Content is the most important part of the event. In virtual setting, your content is your event. It should have powerful keynotes, and engaging sessions for the audiences.
  • Event success can only be measured by data, hence you have to measure engagement and capture attendee data in a way that shows event success.


A virtual event rest on contents, attendees engagements and data. Virtual events do not need F&B , they require the same element as any other kind of event but video production quality and connectivity should be good.

These are the few elements that make up a virtual event:

  • EVENT MICROSITE: It is used to promote the event. This is used for the same reason in both types of event. It is an important promotional tool to attract the possible audience and persuade them to register for your event. It should have all information about your event.
  • REGISTRATION: It is an important process of virtual event. It allows attendees to register for event and make any payment if needed. A well made online registration platform will help attendees to register easily and provide organizers with the data which they need to plan an event and show its success.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: It can increase the reach of your event, as it increases registration, give information to attendees and can also be used to engage them. It can also be used in feedback survey.
  • ONLINE EVENT GUIDE & MOBILE EVENT APP: It is very important to have an online event guide or a mobile event app as they work home base for attendees during the event. These tools can enhance the experience of attendees and also connect them and provide messaging tools that allows them to network. Organizer can also get the required information about attendees through these tools.
  • EVENT FEEDBACK: Feedback is important for virtual events as organizer cannot understand their expression nor have any verbal feedback from attendees. Through feedback tools we can collect feedback by post event surveys which can be used to show that event is a success.


  • To get maximum audience participation a easy and simple registration process is must. An event registration platforms like Hipster, will make virtual event registration easier and interactive, it will also give access to useful attendee’s information.
  • To conduct virtual conferences, business meetings, team interaction, interviews, webinar, live streaming tools are necessary. Tools like Google, Zoom, Skype, Instagram help organizers to present online presentations, attendees in networking, and allow them to live stream their event, share screens, etc. Hipster’s Event Management Tool incorporates all of these tools and gives you the best virtual event experience.


  • The attendees should not be in front of their computer for long interval of time.
  • You should prepare your attendees for virtual event. It is best to create a guide for attendees or allow them to practice launching sessions.
  • The attendees should be involved rather than making him sit for hours and listen to content. To engage attendee we can use live polling, live Q&A and entertaining activities.
  • Provide a messaging system to your attendees so that they can interact with each other, exhibitors, or sponsors.
  • Collect data before, during and after the event and it can be used to get possible customers, show event success and improve the event for next year.

However, using Hipster’s Event Management Tool you can just sit back and let us do all the hard work. Our experienced team will perform every crucial task necessary to make your virtual event a success.

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