Taxi App Development Services

Taxi App Development Services

Features and Benefits of Taxi App Development

There are several taxi and cab service providers across the world. Yet the truly popular ones always come with their own android/iOS application. Having a taxi app developed for your cab business will have multi-fold benefits in the long run. Hipster.inc is a taxi booking app development company that can help you design an efficient app. Based in Singapore, it has assisted several businesses with digital solutions that are reliable and crafted by the best IT engineers.

What good is technology if it doesn’t make things more convenient for us? The sole purpose at Hipster.inc is to provide you with solutions that make your business convenient, and in turn, more profitable. While you read this blog, thousands of people are sitting at their home-booking a cab/taxi. Why? Because it’s easier than going out and looking for one. That’s what a simple application can do. It can bring you, easy customers.

If you provide any kind of cab/taxi services, an application will take it a long way forward. At Hipster.inc, we have expert professionals eager to build you the perfect taxi booking app that your business needs. Cab booking app development is an intricate process that needs to cover an array of features. That’s why we design your app in a manner that is not just efficient, but also reflective of your own unique business.

Benefits of Taxi App Development Services

Availing services of a taxi app development company can help your business in a multitude of ways. Some of these benefits will depend on the features you choose to integrate into your cab booking app, but others will remain consistent.


First and foremost, having a Taxi booking app developed will bring you more customers. App-based cab services are more precise and time-saving. They can hail a taxi irrespective of the time and pickup/drop location with a few simple clicks.


As a business owner, you would be less involved in the day to day transactions between your drivers and users. The app will automatically solve most problems for customers and drivers, leaving you more time to dedicate to things that you find important.

Data Collection

This is a huge benefit of having a cab booking app for your business. You will have easy access to your customer’s data and ride data so you can deduce market trends and use them to your benefit. Moreover, with the app installed on your customer’s device, you can seamlessly communicate with them using notifications and provide offers, coupons, etc.

Location Tracking

Some employees can give you a hard time. That’s a part of any business. However, with the location tracker feature, you can easily pinpoint the areas where your taxi drivers are. You can even track complete rides or ongoing rides. This helps establish transparency between you and your employees as well as the cab drivers and your customers.

Ease of Payment

A crucial thing about having a cab booking app for your business is that there’s no negotiation when it comes to fares. Most cab booking companies will provide an estimated fare so the customer has a good idea of what they’re going to pay. There’s also the pre-payment option which is secure, fast, and reliable. On top of this, since all the transaction data will be stored and available at your disposal, accounting and other such mathematical aspects of managing a business will become immensely swift.

Productivity Boost

Equipped with the tool (cab booking app) to monitor your business regularly, you will be coming across trends and patterns that will give you opportunities to enhance your profits. Moreover, you will be able to see the activity status of your cab drivers and provide them with offers to boost productivity.

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Let’s face it, any prominent business these days has an application people can keep on their devices. And more often than not, the app comes before an outburst of users get to know your business. By not having a cab booking app for your company, you miss out on an important aspect of building your brand visibility.

Traditional Taxi vs Digital Cab Booking

The reason behind a decline in the popularity of traditional taxi services in major cities across the world is the emergence of competitive cab booking companies such as Uber, Lyft, Grab, Ola, etc. Both the processes serve the same purpose, i.e., picking up customers and dropping them to their location. However, these days there’s hardly any competition between the two.

Why Do Cab Companies Need a Taxi Booking App?

The primary differences between these two business models have been outlined below:

Traditional Taxi Digital Cab booking
Drivers usually wait around designated places such as airports & railway stations to pick up customers. No designated places as such. Customers can be picked up from any location.
Traditional taxis are unionized. People have to spend money in order to own traditional taxis. Their prices are set either by the state or by the union. Cab booking services such as Uber and Ola are autonomous. The prices are fixed by the company.
The amount of empty-vehicle time is high. Empty-vehicle time is really low for digital cab booking.
Customers are not that frequent. App-based booking allows for frequent customers.

A mobile application has made things immensely easier for cab companies and daily commuters across the globe. On average, an Uber driver can cover 10-15 rides in a single day. The company offers 15 million rides per day. What allows for competitive pricing with app-based cab companies is the consistency of customers.

A taxi booking mobile application allows users to book a cab at any point. They can see the location of their ride on the app. The driver can access the precise location. In case a problem arises, they can communicate and solve that problem, or cancel the ride and look for another. In most cities, the demand for cabs and other ways of the commute is high. Many companies see this opportunity and having a mobile app developed helps them take advantage of the situation.

A mobile application for any cab business will save time, effort, and money for both the customer and the service provider. No wonder that traditional taxis are left far behind in terms of business and profit.

Get in touch with the experts at Hipster.inc now to get your own taxi booking app developed.

Taxi app development services


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