Talent Outsourcing

Talent Outsourcing

What is Talent based outsourcing:

Talent based outsourcing means that an agency or a business is able to assign or lend their team to other companies based on their requirements and needs. Talent based outsourcing is done for the purpose of hiring a team for a short-term project or for a specific need. Talent based outsourcing is being done by a number of recruitment agencies as well as other businesses to help their clients.


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Talent based outsourcing services at Hipster:

We at Hipster, offer talent-based outsourcing of our skilled and experienced developers for your tech/IT requirements. We assign a team to you where you can manage it directly and communicate with them as and when required. The team allocation is done based on your project needs and the time period for which you will require the team at your disposal. Our talent-based outsourcing has helped several businesses in looking after their web and mobile development projects. We even offer a project manager in case required by you, to communicate and look after the development work.

Benefits of Talent Based Outsourcing:

Talent based outsourcing allows your business to not hire a full-time team or individual for short-term projects and allows you to extend your business without incurring too much cost. Our talent-outsourcing model is not only for Singapore but we extend our services to other countries also where our team can work on a remote basis and help your business with tech designing and development services.


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