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Mobile application development is the designing and writing code for developing a kind of application. That can work or either computer systems or mobile phones or both (browser applications). Application development is the creation of computer or mobile programs that are aimed at performing different tasks. Applications are automation tools based on the business nature and industry of operation. That are designed and developed to streamline/automate processes to increase efficiency. 

Applications are of several types, some are specifically made for smartphones and some are designed to work on computer systems.

At Hipster, we are involved with designing as well as the development of various types of applications, some of which can be listed as follows:

Native Applications:

A native application is created for a particular operating system (OS) depending upon the requirements of the business. A native app is developed to work either on iOS devices or Android devices. For an iOS app, we use the native app development tools like Objective C or Swift whereas for developing an Android application we use Java. We have developed native applications for several of our clients while providing them with support in enhancements, maintenance, modifications, etc.

native app
native app

Hybrid Applications:

Hybrid applications are those which offer the combination of both native applications and web applications. They give the users the feeling of a native application but can be run on any device whether a mobile phone or a computer system. Hipster-Inc offers the designing and development of hybrid apps for your business by using development tools like IONIC, Flutter, ReactNative, etc. We offer designing, development and even the hosting of hybrid apps that can be accessed by any device.

Web Applications:

Web-based applications are those which can be opened or accessed through the browsers on any mobile device or computer system. Web-based applications are designed and developed to be run directly through browsers without any need of installing the app on a device. We offer custom web application development and we also provide design services for the same.

native app

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