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Creating awesome applications and websites is part of our daily life at Hipster. We offer customized and off-the-shelf solutions.

Software Development Services

To succeed in the current market, it is important for organizatiotherons to have custom software developed for them. A good software application can help save time on multiple tasks, improve sales of a business, enhance customer engagement, and do so much more. Hipster understands this and provides you with one of the best software development services so that you get apt software for your business. Whether you need a web application, mobile application or e-commerce website, we have the right expertise and a perfect team to cater to your needs. When looking for a reliable software company in Singapore, Hipster is the name where your search ends. Right from planning to final implementation, we stand with you till you are totally content with your software. We are not restricted to any specific domain but offers software service for every business industry.

Our Approach to Software Development

We, at Hipster, employ the best development methodologies combined with cutting-edge technology to design custom software. The goal is to provide our clients with the best software and that too within a minimum time frame. Our complete software development method is disintegrated into five components to achieve this goal without any hassle.


The first step towards developing any software is planning, where we collect relevant information from our clients and make sure that we clearly understand their requirements. After that, we move forward.


The next step is designing where our expert programmers build the software using the fittest programming language and latest techniques. Our developed software is not just functional but secure and reliable as well.


Once we are done with the development, your software goes into the testing phase where it is tested against numerous parameters, so that you error-free software for your business. Defects, if any, are found and fixed at this stage.


Here comes the main part where we integrate the software with your current infrastructure. It is only after successful integration that your software starts its actual functioning and you can now enjoy its endless features for the benefit of your organization.


To ensure that your software always functions like new, we also provide maintenance and support services. We have a full-fledged team of experts who remain in constant touch with the clients to make sure they continue to get the optimum efficiency from their software.

What makes us a reliable partner?

You need to find a software development service that you can rely on for all your development needs so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Hipster is without a doubt, a paramount software company in Singapore that you can trust and here are a few reasons why.

We follow complete transparency in work so that you feel more involved and see the progress of your project at every step. At any stage, if you feel like changes should be done, we take the necessary steps to meet your expectations.

Rather than following a rigid development method, we mostly follow a flexible approach to provide you with the best-suited software. Depending on the requirements of our clients, we scale our development method up or down.

Not only do we deliver the best software solution, but we also do it within the time limit promised to you. We put our best effort to make sure that error-free software is delivered to you at the earliest.

Software Development Service Provider

No, we don’t sell
We sell solutions.

Software isn’t cookie-cutter, neither is it just the application of technology. It’s creating a solution that can meet the company’s needs, goals, budget and works well for the people using them.

Some of our
key skills & products

Software Development Service

Website Development

We build websites that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs. In a world where most web traffic is on mobile, our team creates responsive, fast, and secure websites that work elegantly across mobile and desktop.

Software Development Services Singapore

Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps that thrive at the intersection of business goals and user needs. Hipster offers a broad spectrum of mobile app development services, including iOS, Andriod, React Native, and Flutter development. More importantly, we are here to support you through pre and post-development via prototyping, testing, technical support, and more.

Software Company in Singapore

UI/UX Design

The best designs instill confidence in your brand and product. They inspire users to download, use and evangelize. Our designers conduct research and create information architecture, prototypes and upkeep your brand’s visual identity to ensure that your product is beautiful and functional.

Off-the-shelf Products

Look no further if you are searching for a ready-to-use tool. Hipster offers a wide range of convenient solutions that work across industries. Examples include hybrid event management, learning management, customer loyalty, and social community platforms.

The Elusive

Look no further if you are searching for a ready-to-use tool. Many companies seek the IT unicorn who can bao-ga-liao ( in Hokkien dialect, meaning doing everything, covering all roles). From our experience, it takes a village to build a solid digital solution. We liken it to building a ship in the 20th century, where hundreds of craftsmen added his little piece to the vassal while keeping their sight on the overall ship architecture.

In Hipster, our team of “craftsmen” work with various technologies that others consider nerdy or sexy. Be it blockchain, VR/AR, or SEO. We got you covered.

Other nerdy
things that we do

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Data Security
  • Enterprise Software Development
  • IT Consulting
  • Machine Learning & Articificial Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • SEO Optimization