Sales Development Representatives

Sales Development Representatives

Sales Development Representative

Full time

A sales development representative helps generate and facilitate sales for a company. They may be involved in initiating contact with potential customers through phone calls, known as outbound prospecting/cold-calling, or they may respond to inquiries that are generated through advertisements, known as inbound lead follow-up. It’s common for them to communicate with potential customers by phone and by email, although they may also meet with potential customers. Their objective is to identify the potential needs of the customer, qualify their interest and viability, and create a relationship that will help drive the sale.

Required Skills :

Sales development representatives must have strong communication skills so that they can effectively interact with potential customers and sales staff. They need teamwork skills to ensure that they work as an effective part of the sales team. Customer service skills are important since the success of their role depends on meeting customer needs. Analytical skills can be crucial because they can help them determine which products will be most suited to the customer’s needs and identify the salesperson who is most knowledgeable about those products. They need good time management skills so that they can meet outreach targets and respond to queries as efficiently as possible.


  • Build contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities
  • Keep prospective client database updated
  • Make cold calls for new business leads
  • Support in writing new business proposals
  • Maintain knowledge of all product and service offerings of the company
  • Arrange meetings for senior management with prospective clients
  • Follow company guidelines and procedures for acquisition of customers, submission of tenders etc.