It is an EdTech startup seeking to elevate the way educators connect with learners by cutting out the inefficient middleman – the placement agency. Learners and trainers can easily submit online the subject, level; their qualification, teaching experience, rates, and location, and Tueetor® will match them – automatically. There are no finder’s fees, and in the past two years of operations, they have helped thousands find affordable and accessible education and created numerous job opportunities.




How Hipster and Tueetor® collaborated was through a small gig where Hipster approached Tueetor as a genuine customer as we wanted to use their services so we casually texted the Founder, Han Sing to further improve their platform back then with just adding a payment gateway.

However, as we feel strongly about the potential of Tueetor® platform, we decided to propose a brand new web and mobile platform with improved UX and UI to Tueetor® instead . Han Sing loved our proposal and decided to go ahead with our proposal and ever since then we have been working collaboratively with Tueetor® for 3 years and now we are their main IT partner and are currently managing their website, mobile application and coursaver modules.

Tueetor® is the world’s first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform, an online marketplace leveraging location-based technology. Tueetor was also awarded Merit At The Asia Smart App Awards 2019. Tueetor® has also successfully rolled out their services in 4 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Currently Tueetor® is entering its next phase of growth which is learner-course provider matching.

Hipster is very proud of Tueetor® success and is very proud to be working closely with Tueetor® for the past 3 years.


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