Synfutures — Blockchain, Trading, NFT

An Intuitive platform for listing and trading blockchain.



A decentralised derivatives platform for listing and trading blockchain freely in the derivatives market however and whenever you want. We created an intuitive trading platform with an improved look-and-feel for SynFutures.







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An Intuitive Trading Platform

Combining stakeholder knowledge on the product, industry and their users with our knowledge of digital products.

Product understanding through NFT design

Since Hipster’s very first collaboration with SynFutures, we have been tasked to design NFT’s. Working alongside them for multiple products has given us a better sense of their company and customers over time.


Light mode + Dark mode

The initial product was designed for light mode. Through the process, we decided to also introduce dark mode as an alternative for users who prefer that. Through this process, Hipster has become adept at helping customers who want to design both the light/ dark mode at one go, optimising the process.

Enhanced Look and Feel

Hipster Inc worked closely with SynFutures to understand their requirements through a discovery session. In this session, our design team learned the sites that the SynFuture stakeholders liked and what in particular they liked or didn’t like about it.

We didn’t end up designing a website that was similar to what was shown to us, but rather, we encapsulated SynFutures brand values shared in the session.