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A new world of work is here. Every individual is an enterprise and in today’s connected world, the only way to unleash their true potential is to create friction-less job markets. At sendjobs, our mission is to connect and empower individuals to do more.

As businesses are increasingly adopting flexible strategies to overcome new challenges in staffing, Sendjobs is offering workforce management solutions that are grounded in innovation and simplicity. We believe that vocation based jobs, skilled workers and tradespeople are the backbone of economies of the future. Our frontier technologies are focused on organizing these unorganized labor markets.


We believe in honesty and transparency, within the organisation and with our users and the wider community. We always do what is right and fair.


We adhere to the highest standards in delivery, and commit to deliver simple and relevant solutions through innovation and continuous improvement.


We strive to win together by listening with respect and understanding where we are needed. We care about the people who depend on us.

March 26, 2018
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