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Lionsbot is a tech company that develops industrial cleaning robots. Given the Lionsbot website is a video-based site, it was important to ensure the loading speed was at optimum levels.







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Multimedia content using Videos

Innovative is the word that best describes Lionbot. We ensured their website reverberated innovation with videos and animations working together in tandem to elevate the user interface.

Speed Matters

Hosting so many videos would impose a problem to speed, that’s why we used “Cloudfare”, a content delivery network or CDN to manage the quality of speed. As per standard practice, we ensure verification checks reflect excellent scores when it comes to speed.

Backend handling by the website owner

Our content management system or CMS is created on WordPress and we make it super easy for the super admin to handle all content on the dashboard.

All the sections will have a placeholder. We followed the go, edit, publish policy. Simple. That’s it.

A highly secure website

Part of our quality assurance is ensuring all websites meet a high level of security. We verify security measures on all websites with industry-standard tools such as “Security headers” or “Site check”.