10-min Tutor

Challenges & Requirements

  • Perfecting the algorithm to match a student with the appropriate tutor in real-time (based on subject, topic, and level).
  • Integration of multiple features, eg. video call, screen share, and whiteboard on a small interface.
  • Making learning fun, simple and delightful for users Ensuring seamless payment and
  • subscription for users globally.
  • Data integration into the new platform Rating of tutors



The new solution empowers students to access affordable help from certified teachers instantly, live and 24/7. Booking a certified tutor is easy and takes only two easy steps.

First, students select a subject and level. Next, they just have to confirm and start the session. Students can use the video function in the app and show the question to the teachers. The app is integrated with an option for students to ‘favourite’ teachers so that they can connect to a specific teacher directly in the future.

We are proud to be working with Tueetor to bring affordable education to more students.

Stuck in schoolwork?

Connect with a tutor in less than 10 minutes.

Adopting the Agile methodology, we create screen designs and ship them for development. The MVP with video call feature was launched before other functionalities like chat and pen were added. Improving the app step by step with feedback.

Dynamic billing system. $10 per 10 minutes, extend the session as needed or purchase a subscription.

Warning We have recently received complaints that members of the public are targeted by some agents through WhatsApp who claim to be from Hipster Private Limited and using our UEN number of Hipster Private Limited to prove that they are legit Singapore companies... Read More

We have recently received complaints that members of the public are targeted by some agents through WhatsApp who claim to be from Hipster Private Limited and using our UEN number of Hipster Private Limited to prove that they are legit Singapore companies.

They also use a similar looking domain name, our logo, and address on the website to make it as similar & credible as possible.

We want to make it very clear that Our company doesn't appoint any agent/recruiter for this so call 'money earning by apps rating' or 'any Ponzi scheme' where you need to deposit any money to get jobs.

Our jobs are always posted on official company pages on social media such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and WSG.



Greater efficiency & personalization

The new SomethingNew app takes mental health support to the next level by:

  • Avatar selection for personalization.
  • Notification settings allowing Practitioners to choose Do Not Disturb mode at specific days and hours of the week
  • Mental Health Directory with list and web view
  • Appointment and scheduling of calls
  • A dashboard that allows insights into commonly reported counselling topics

A usability study was conducted to ensure that participants could complete tasks successfully and efficiently.


mental health app

Promoting mental health awareness to businesses and consumers

A website is important for a business allowing one to showcase and generate awareness about one’s website. SomethingNew’s website is custom designed with the following goals:

  • Improved customer experience: with dedicated informational pages and contact forms for the business/consumer users
  • Use of website animation techniques and bright colours to create a perfect reading pace and a warmer, friendlier design.


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Participate in events and explore nature

The app features several events annually to encourage the public to explore and gain awareness of the green spaces around them. Elements of gamification, such as a leaderboard, earning points and badges, are built into the app to increase interactivity.

Near App Image

Explore PCNs and trails across Singapore

Information of attractions, services, facilities, heritage trees and trails are now at your finger tips. The app also allows you to navigate to a checkpoint, attraction or service provider.

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Multiple integrations

The project started in midst of the pandemic and is aimed at restoring mental health and saving lives. Within the tight timeline, the team managed to complete multiple challenging technical integrations.

  1. Seamless video integration for virtual counselling sessions
  2. Smart payment integration with pay-per-use pricing models
  3. Integration of whiteboard and screen sharing tools
  4.  Scalable infrastructure to support business growth 
  5. Compatibility with smart devices via an app
  6. Smart matching between counsellors and users for a personalised experience.

App landing page

After building an app, companies often create landing pages to promote their app to prospective customers. Our team of experts can design a tailored landing page to drive conversions and boost your online presence. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create a landing page that delivers results.


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An app that crashes hurts business

Nothing spells a bad user experience more than a mobile app crashing. In fact, in today’s competitive mobile app landscape, users have opportunities to switch product easily. Some might even avoid downloading an app if they read complaints about bugs before they actually try it. Needless to say, this breaks the business – lowering customer acquisition, retention and revenue.

Online platform for finding digital tutors

How then, to stop the crashing?

Hipster’s developers quickly realised that they had to rebuild the app in order to eradicate the problem. They then proceeded to:

  • Not displaying the full listing of tutors to a user at any one time. Rather, the technology optimizes the results based on one’s location and input. The user can then send messages to up to 10 tutors and trainers nearby.
  • After five months of hard work, our developers shifted to the then latest version of the PHP framework, Laravel, and improved the coding. They also successfully integrated user data from the old system in this process.

Improvements & outcome

Besides overhauling the app’s user interface design, Hipster also built a new website. The new design was well-received. The app even won the Certificate of Merit (Public Service Distinction) at the Asia Smart App Award in 2019. Tueetor has also successfully launched its services in three other countries – Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

After the first successful partnership, we continued to work with Tueetor, developing a Coursesaver module, their website, and their second app, 10MT. Hipster is proud of Tueetor’s successes and happy to work together for the past five years. (to the next five years and more ahead)



Scaling your tech to meet business growth

BarePack’s first bootstrapped app was a good starting point when the company just began its operations. As the user pool and grew, it became increasingly clear that the app had scalability issues. The app slowed down as more users and food outlets came onboard.


Meeting business and users needs

Meeting business and users needs

When Hipster undertook the design work for the app, the team focused on barePack’s business and users’ needs. The following improvements was made with our technical expertise:

  • Integration with restaurants and delivery providers.
  • Map view for users to quickly identify nearby participating partners.
  • The payment and promotions process is improved. Previously, staff needs to manually program the discount code if they would like to run a promotion. Now, any staff can easily create a discount code on the backend without any programming.
sustainable app development

Data Analytics

The app captures granular transaction data for analytics. These data include the number of containers picked up and dropped off at a specific location and the number of containers a user holds. These information can help stakeholders make informed business decisions backed by data.

As the database grew, we faced challenges in terms of app speed and scalability, We changed from Google Firebase to Google Firestore proactively to tackle these issues, and made the app robust and scalable. The migration was seamlessly done without any downtime.

Flutter App as V2

Flutter App as V2

Instead of running two separate apps (Andriod and IOS), Hipster advised barePack to creating a cross platform mobile app, a Flutter app. Flutter works for both Andriod and iOS, halves development time and cost. Additionally, updates are published on both platforms simultaneously.