Food Delivery App Development

Benefits & Features of On Demand Food Delivery App Development

With the world rapidly shifting towards the internet for their daily needs, any business that has failed to maintain an online presence is hampering its sales and profit. One of the most basic products that people largely order online is- food. There are so many restaurants and cafes opening up in markets all over the globe, that if you own a restaurant yourself, what you really need is a competitive edge.

So what you need to ask yourself is- How many restaurants have their own food delivery app? Do these restaurants do better than the ones that don’t have a food ordering app? What benefits could you reap by having a company come up with an on demand food delivery app development for you?

If you don’t realize what you’re missing out on by not having your own food delivery app, here’s an interesting statistical figure to help you. According to Statista, the gross merchandise value of online food delivery services in Singapore was 1.8 billion USD for 2018. The figure is expected to be 4 billion USD by 2023. 

The success of food delivery applications can be jotted down to one simple word- Convenience. Sometimes, people just enjoy having their favorite meal sitting in their home or at the office. With the outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020, the number of orders has skyrocketed as crowded public places are still considered a risk. 

Can Small Businesses have their own Food Delivery App?

Ask any food enthusiast who orders online on a regular basis to name restaurants with their own food delivery applications, and they will come up with 5-10 names. You will hear big players being mentioned such as Dominos, KFC, Pizza Hut, etc. But gone are the days where only restaurants with a global outreach have their own delivery app and systems. People don’t just go online to order Pizza or Pasta anymore. With the huge range of cuisines that markets have to offer, a consumer could just go online to have a simple home-cooked meal. And believe it or not, many restaurants are catering to these needs.

The point is, irrespective of whether it’s a small restaurant or a multinational food chain, engaging a food delivery app development company to create a reliable system for taking orders, tracking them, receiving payments, etc. could give you a competitive advantage. 

Benefits of Food Ordering App Development

All the big food delivery companies have witnessed great success as not only do they charge their customers a delivery fee, but also the client restaurants. A considerable chunk of your sales percentage goes to the platform the user has ordered from.

As a restaurant owner, you are paying the delivery platforms for primarily one reason- they are bringing you, customers. But that is true only for the first time a new customer orders from your place.

All the other times you get a customer order from your restaurant through a third party delivery app such as Foodpanda, it is your food and skills that have made the customer order again. However, you are still inclined to pay a hefty portion of what would have been yours in the first place if you had your own delivery system, for which you will need someone experienced in order to develop a food delivery app.

On Demand Food Delivery App Development

Some benefits of having your own food delivery app created are

  • Customers actually prefer ordering online directly from the restaurant’s website or delivery app as compared to relying on a third-party platform.
  • Food delivery apps are fast and hassle-free
  • Having your own on demand food ordering app will save a lot of money that you pay as a commission to third party organizations
  • Customer retention is made easier with customizable discounts, reward systems, offers, etc.

Online Food Delivery App Development

There are several companies that can create a food delivery app for you on demand. But with so many options available one must wonder what is a reliable company that can develop a food ordering application that covers all your needs in an efficient manner. 

Hipster.inc is a Software & IT services based company in Singapore that specializes in online solutions and app development. What sets us apart is that we care about growing your business as much as we care about building our own. Therefore, our team of technicians and experts work rigorously on every project, communicating with you at every step to create the best food ordering software for your needs. 

The process involves setting up three versions of the food delivery app:

  • Restaurant/Admin version: the app allows access to the list of orders, organization of customers, and communication with the customers as well as delivery executives
  • Delivery version: contains delivery information such as food items, destination route, time of delivery, etc.
Food Delivery App Development


Customer version: allows customers to view the food menu and pricing, make payments, rate delivery, and food items.

Another option to go about the food delivery app development is to make three interfaces in a single application. This process is more prone to bugs because of its complexity, making it the less preferable choice. In our opinion, it is easier and more user friendly to make three apps that are synchronized to keep things flowing smoothly.

Features of a Food Ordering Application

The features of your on demand food ordering app will be designed based on your needs. However, some of the features that remain consistent in a food ordering application are mentioned below:

  • Option to browse dishes and read descriptions/view images
  • Order tracking option
  • Order placement
  • Order history
  • Order customization
  • Secure payment portal
  • Rate/provide feedback for order
  • Browse offer and use discount codes/coupons

There are other features that you could get with your software depending on your needs. For instance, you could also allow for customers to make a reservation at your restaurant in advance or offer to pick up food orders. Customers that order regularly from your place could also be enrolled in a benefits membership program to make them feel valued. Your food ordering app development plans need the best care and execution. To have your own application up and running in no time, get in touch with  Hipsterand share your ideas.


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