Software Development

Creating tailor-made software for your business needs is our forte! Our team works with a flow to cover every stage from inception to completion in understanding your requirements through to testing and final releases.

Software Development

Need to launch quickly?

We’re here for you. Check out our commercial ready-made products

Off-the-shelf products

Survey App

Create surveys with complex question logic using the survey app. Pick from various question types – like multiple choice, scaling, conditional questions, and more. Roles can also be assigned within your organization, giving individuals different levels of access.

Hybrid Event Management Platform

Virtual Breaker is a platform by Hipster that powers all your onsite and virtual events –be it meetings, exhibitions, or conferences. This platform seamlessly connects your in-person and virtual attendees for an interactive and engaging event experience. Find out more by visiting Virtual Breaker’s website.

Learning Management Platform

This all-in-one cloud-based system brings experiential learning everywhere and anywhere – from online learning, scheduling of classes, and connecting educators to students. Use technology to focus time on student learning rather than fulfilling administrative duties.

Virtual Streaming Platform

Connect with your customers virtually. The virtual streaming platform can be used for businesses such as (but not limited to):

  • Teleconsultation with doctors
  • E-learning with tutors
  • Virtual events
  • Live shopping
Feedback app

Feedback App

Create your own white label feedback app to capture your customers’ feedback about your business through an iPad or QR code. This app gives you the most valuable insights and data analytics about your business and consumers.

Virtual Call Assistant

Virtual call assistant

Want a system to connect your customers to customer service representatives virtually? Hipster’s virtual call assistant app offers video calls, text, estimated queue time, content to browse while waiting, and feedback rating at the end of the call. Administrators can track data and access customer feedback. Use our easy-to-navigate system to mold your service for the next growth phase.

Hipster’s special formula

Most commercial off-the-shelf applications are standardized with little room for customization. Understanding that business needs are very different, we offer a good level of customization when you work with us. This allows you to get the benefits of both bespoke and off the shelf product.

80% Ready-made & 20% customized

We have recently received complaints that members of the public are targeted by some agents through WhatsApp who claim to be from Hipster Private Limited and using our UEN number of Hipster Private Limited to prove that they are legit Singapore companies.

They also use a similar looking domain name, our logo, and address on the website to make it as similar & credible as possible.

We want to make it very clear that Our company doesn't appoint any agent/recruiter for this so call 'money earning by apps rating' or 'any Ponzi scheme' where you need to deposit any money to get jobs.

Our jobs are always posted on official company pages on social media such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and WSG.