New App Ideas 2019 Yet to be Done in Singapore

September 13, 2019
New App Ideas 2019 Yet To Be Done in Singapore

Here are some of the app ideas 2019 that we believe can be done for mobile applications in Singapore. After researching and coming up with innovative ideas, we have made a list of apps that can be developed for the Singapore market.

Below we have explained why these applications are needed and how they will work.

Parent-Teacher meeting App:

A parent-teacher meeting app will help both the teachers and the parents. It will offer schools and educational institutes by conducting live video meetings or chat options to get in touch with parents. This platform will also allow working parents who are not able to attend the meeting all the time, to take a report of their ward’s performance.

Why parent-teacher meeting app is necessary?

Well, the answer is simple; the app offers teacher’s remarks, as well as the students, progress through the school or college. This allows parents to keep track of their ward’s performance as well as the areas where they need to work more. Parent-teacher meeting app will offer a live chat feature as well as video call facility where parents who are working can talk to the teachers and be updated on their children’s performance.

Another great thing about such an app is the time that it will save for the parents. The travel time will be diminished for the parents as they can attend a parent-teacher meeting through the app and there is no need for traveling.

This app will help parents by providing them daily feedback as the teacher can publish day to day performance for each student. Such a feature will allow the parents to make sure that their children are doing the homework on time and also about their performance in weekly tests or surprise quizzes.

A parent-teacher meeting app can be really helpful for the parents of toddlers who have just started playschool or kindergarten.

The teachers can share photographs with the parents and show them how their toddler is progressing and what fun activities are taking place in the classroom.

A two-way communication tool in the application will allow parents to interact directly with a concerned teacher to raise an issue or to inform about any problem their children might be facing. Such a feature helps shy students who cannot be upfront in the class, but their parents can inform the teacher through the application.

Parent-teacher meeting app is the perfect example of smart learning technologies and with schools as well as institutes pushing smart learning models, an interactive parent-teacher app is just an addition to this model. With smart technology being used for interactive teaching, a parent-teacher meeting app can be integrated with study modules to give more feedback to the parents.

As technology advances, schools and institutes are shifting to the smart class module to make education more interactive and efficient. Developing a parent-teacher meeting application will add to the benefit of both teachers and parents.

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Birthday Reminder and Gifting App:

An application that sends you a reminder for birthdays and anniversary reminders, so that you can wish them on time.
There are a lot of applications which remind us about important dates, but they don’t have an in-built shop for sending gifts. Most of the apps already in the market have the option of sending a greeting card through Uber (In limited countries) or flowers through selected partners. But the app should allow an individual with the option of pre-selecting a gift item for their loved ones or relatives in advance from the options within the same application.

A reminder application with the options of gift items would become a hit as users want to have multiple options when it comes to gifts. Not everyone wants to send a greeting card or flowers. The gift option needs to be made more personal and individuals want to send out maybe gift cards or even personalized items like mugs, photo frames, soft toys, etc. The capabilities of such an application can be extended to valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Such an application can be synced with google calendar and Facebook to gather information from a user’s list of friends and family members. Users will have the option of making groups based on their preferences and personalized reminders for every group and individual in that group.

The reminder application allows the user to pre-select the gift item and the personalized message to be sent to them on the day of the occasion. The reminder application will also allow the user to pre-book the selected gift to be delivered on the specified date and time.

Developing an application in which such features will be highly successful in the Singapore market. If relevant sponsorships or partnerships can be made with major online channels for gift item selection, the application will take over all other reminder platforms. The market research shows that people have less time to go and shop for gift items from physical stores, especially with the fast-paced life.

Lost and Found App:

A lost and found application will help both the local population as well as the travelers. Such an application will allow users to post photos of items that they have lost or found with location tagging. Several travelers and the local population lose their belongings like wallets, mobile phone, etc. while taking a cab.
Sometimes people forget to pick up their belongings while taking public transportation or a cab and realize it later on. Losing property or a personal item causes panic and distress in the person and they are unable to rest until they find their property back.

So far there are no applications for such a situation and the closest thing we can reach out to is social media platforms and some websites. Imagine losing your phone, without which you cannot do anything and what about the data on your phone. There is no guarantee whether the information will be secure or not, let alone your phone.

How about having an application that allows you to share the information with other users? In this way, if you have forgotten your phone on a bus or MRT, you can post it on the application community. People in the area will get an update regarding the lost item and see if it’s there or not. Fast and effective communication with location mapping will allow items to be found in less time.

Currently, you will have to go and contact the office of public transport and give them the time frame and station numbers before any action can be taken. This takes a lot of time and even though you find your lost item, it is a time-consuming task. So, a lost and found application cuts in the time and saves a lot of distress as local community members are there to help you all the time.

A lost and found application will help not just the local population but the tourists as well. Tourism will benefit more from this app as they are in a country for a limited number of days. Losing a personal item during their stay and not being able to find it soon risks the tourism industry for the country. So, this application will also help the tourism industry as travelers will be able to find lost items sooner and would be sharing this with everyone in their circle. This spread positive word of mouth and the country, as well as the community, gets praised for helping travelers.

Public Toilet Finding app:

Finding a public toilet becomes a task when you are in a new area or visiting a place for work or personal work. Having an application on your phone which gives you information and directions to a nearby public toilet will make life easy. Even though a person can visit a restaurant or a hotel lobby for using the washroom, but finding one everywhere is not possible. Yes, MRT stations and hawker centers have washroom facility but locating one while you are traveling for work or other urgent works consumes time.

A public toilet finding application comes in here, helping you to locate a public toilet near you. The application will use the built-in GPS of the mobile phone and direct you to one of the listed public toilets near you. The application will also offer the user with navigation support to guide the user to a public toilet near them.

This application will help the local population and also newcomers who are still trying to find their way around a new location or a country. Finding a public toilet nearby on your mobile phone will be helpful for people and it would make life a little easier. Public toilet finding application will guide the user to the nearby washrooms based on their ratings and reviews from other users.

Meal Saver App

A meal saver application will offer restaurants and small café owners to push forward promotional deals and discount coupons to the relevant audience on the app. Users can look up promotional deals from nearby hawker centers and small eateries through the listed shops. Shop and restaurant owners will be listed along with their food menus on the application.

Users on the application will get notified about any promotional deals or new offerings at a restaurant near them or their favorite places on the application. The GPS on mobile phones will enable users to search for places to eat and avail of a discount from the application. The restaurant owners can also offer to take out an option for people who are in a hurry. A person can put an order to take away and collect their order at the specified time which will save them a lot of time.

The application will allow restaurant owners for rolling out new dishes and let their target audience know about it in real-time. In this way, new users can look at recommendations for the most famous places to eat from a wide collection. Tourists who visit Singapore can log onto the application and find must-try places based on user recommendations and visit the stores through the navigation feature or google maps.

The other purpose of this application is helping small shops and eating places to turn their business profitable and sell to a wide range of audiences. Small eating places and hawker centers are generally not listed on maps or blogs which talk about food outlets. So, this application will result in creating awareness of such eating places.

The meal saver application will also offer festive discounts and inform of a new place to eat when they register as a restaurant on the application. This application will not only offer reviews from other users but also a chat option where new members can reach out to existing members for suggestions.

Goal Sharing Application:

A goal sharing application will offer users to get in touch with people who are pursuing similar tasks or objectives. There are a lot of people who are looking for support in leaving a bad habit of taking up a new hobby but are afraid to do it alone. Take the example of quitting smoking, people find it hard to do and with support from people who have conquered it will be really helpful. Another example can be of taking cooking classes, two or more people can get together to join similar classes and not be alone or feel left out in a big class.

Several people look for partners to share a hobby or to go out for sports. The goal sharing application will allow different users to get in touch-based on their interests for a hobby or a particular target they want to achieve. They can schedule meetings together with the live chat feature of the application and meet for their shared goals.

This application will help in getting people together and increasing harmony in the community. Several groups are formed within a society or in institutes where people get together to take part in an activity that interests all of them. But these groups communicate within themselves or through a WhatsApp group. Imagine a digital platform where you can search for a tennis partner or find a person to go scuba diving with. And the possibilities of this application are infinite. You can start a career counseling group and help people to sort their careers. Or a person can simply look for guidance on a project or a support group for quitting any bad habits.

The technology should be used to make life easier and not tough, this application is aimed to improve the lifestyle and make life much easier.

For people with anxiety issues or lack of confidence, this platform can be really helpful to gain confidence be it for public speaking or debates. Have a hobby to pick or a habit to quit, need to worry you find another member to help with the journey. This way users will not have to do anything alone and have a group of members to take part in the journey.

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Meal Sharing Application:

A meal sharing application offers users the option of having a meal with another member. A user who is planning to try out a new restaurant or a café can team up with another user or users to go along with them and take the experience together.

The application will have features like location, schedule, preferences, etc. to find you the perfect meal companion. Users will be able to create an account and list down their preferences and start catching up with other users who have similar tastes and food preferences.

The goal of this application is to never eat alone and having a friend or a companion who shares your interests and is ready to share their mealtime with you. The location feature will allow the users to get in touch with members near their area and get in touch with them for sharing a meal.

Why a meal sharing app? This application works in different ways and the benefits are as follows:

  1. Sometimes people find it hard trying a new restaurant or they cannot finish the meal on their own. Thus, the app will allow them to reach out to other users nearby them and get together to have a meal at a place. Thus, they will be able to try different items and still be able to finish their meal.
  2. There are times when a person relocates to a new country and they feel lonely while eating. The application solves this problem as now they can share a meal or have a meal with someone from the application who is nearby and have similar food preference.
  3. Imagine a friend tells you about great food at a restaurant that you should try. But they are unable to accompany you or are busy with some other work. No worries get in touch with another member through the app and have fun eating and getting to know someone at the same time.
  4. Users can also recommend a new place for their friends within the application. Thus, a foodie is always updated on where to go and try a new cuisine or a delicacy.
  5. There are endless opportunities from scheduling meals during lunch breaks and getting to know other members who are working/studying/residing in your place. Human interaction leads to endless possibilities, maybe you can find your life partner or end up with a friend who shares the same interests as you.

A lot can happen over a meal, you can share knowledge, investment topics, or just talk about how you are doing in life. Food brings people together and why not have an application to speed up the process.

The application will be having a freemium subscription where users can choose to pay a small amount to unlock discounts or even get insights from top food critics regarding a restaurant.

Smart Alarm/Wake Up application:

Bored of your everyday wake up alarm tone, or you are just not motivated enough by your alarm clock to get out of the bed?

Well everyone will have something to share on this topic. Some might say they don’t feel like waking up to the same alarm tone every morning, some may have a problem with not being inspired enough in the morning. Most of the alarm apps have features limited to snooze, voice reminders, etc. which are mundane boring if one can say.

The solution to this problem is a smart alarm application. What’s new in this application? For starters, it offers customized wake-up tones so that you hear a new wake up alarm every day. Another feature this application will have is customization which will allow you to wake up to an inspiring quote or news alert. That’s not is yet, you can have the application read out your schedule for the day to remind you of different tasks or meetings you have at work.

The application will offer sync between your calendar and reminder application so that you can choose and direct the application to speak out your schedule so that you can get things ready in your mind before leaving the bed. The application will offer music playback or radio streaming to get you in the mood and make your morning a lot happening before the coffee even hits.

The list of features included in the application:

  1. News alert from your favorite markets or segments through voice streaming after the alarm starts.
  2. You can opt for traffic updates to select a route before leaving home for work or other activities.
  3. Music streaming from your favorite youtube video to give your day a boost.
  4. Personalized voice setting so that you can choose from different voice assistants as per your choice.
  5. The app can even deliver you a Quote from your idol or favorite celebrity to motivate you first thing in the morning.
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