Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security Services

IT Security and Compliance are crucial areas of business IT that demand vigilance and constant management. Every day, security threats to your business are becoming more complex, sophisticated and difficult to detect. If you consider the hyper-connected way many organisations need to operate, your business’ IT security has never been so vital, yet so much of a target for those who participate in cyber-crime.

Your organisation needs a robust, yet flexible, managed IT security services policy that safeguards your systems and data, complies with increasingly comprehensive legislation, and allows employees the freedom to work collaboratively from any location on any device.

Robust business IT security in the 21st century requires a widespread, holistic approach – and this is exactly what we deliver. As part of our managed IT security services, we look at your IT security landscape as a whole, and your own methods of working, before giving you choices. We work with you to optimise user accessibility and network speed with a robust security policy that keeps you safe, is compliant with current legislation and best practice, and evolves with changing security threats. We are experts in IT security and have been a Fortinet Platinum Partner for many years. Amongst our team of security professionals we hold a host of Fortinet accreditations NSE 4, 5, 6, 7 and the much sought after NSE 8 and Cisco CCNA and CCNP.

IT Security Services

FortiGate Firewall

As the major line of defence against cyber threats to your organisation, your firewall needs careful configuration and a high level of ongoing maintenance. With our proactive managed IT security services, we can install, configure, monitor and manage upgrades to your organisation’s firewall, ensuring it’s providing the maximum defence for your IT. We use FortiGate firewall – Fortinet’s flagship firewall – for its flexibility, networking adaptability, high standard of defence and easy integration with other security products.

Email Security Services

As a main data flow into and out of your organisation, email is a huge target for malware and ransomware. Our email security services are designed to protect your business against the most sophisticated and recent threats. Our secure email gateway adds an extra layer of security to existing setups, and prevents both high volume and targeted cyber threats, as well as safeguarding against data loss and helping to maintain compliance. Our email security service integrates with other security products, to create a robust security boundary around your entire network.

Endpoint Security Protection

Our software-based endpoint security protection technology goes far beyond the limited protection capabilities of the anti-virus products of old. The comprehensive SentinelOne Endpoint Protection packages we offer are flexible, to enable you to balance endpoint security with cost, and include behaviour-based detection, privilege management, content isolation and advanced signature-less prevention, giving freedom to your users, while keeping you in absolute control of your network and data within it.

Vulnerability Management Solutions

A vulnerability management solution helps your business to identify, classify and prioritise vulnerabilities in your IT estate.  It does this by evaluating both your existing IT setup and looking at your IT infrastructure from the outside-in as a potential hacker would.  By staying one step ahead of attackers, you can find the dents in your armour and do something about it in order to help mitigate a potential breach. Nouveau are an official partner of Greenbone and can help you find the right vulnerability management solution for your business to protect your critical infrastructure.

Fortinet Fabric

As cyber threats become more sophisticated we advocate a layered security approach to provide better protection of your organisations IT assets and network. This approach will enable you to monitor, detect and remediate the different attack vectors and entry points ensuring that you have all bases covered.

Discover how your business can benefit from a layered security approach with Fortinet Security Fabric.

FortiGate SD-WAN

The modern workplace is changing.  The distributed enterprise and remote working are becoming the norm. Business critical applications are being run over multiple cloud environments putting traditional WAN architectures under increasing strain trying to keep up with the increasing complexity, lack of bandwidth and maintaining security controls.

SD-WAN replaces separate WAN routers, optimisation and security devices with a single solution that is application-aware, offers automatic WAN path control and multi-broadband support thus improving application performance and reducing operating expenses and management complexity.

Web Security

Your company’s website, your web applications, and your web-based services are all prime targets for hackers. We’ll ensure your web-based IT has the specific type of protection it needs to keep it secure. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) uses a range of technologies – including: data pattern analysis and detection engines – to reduce the risk from DDos attacks, malicious sources and more advanced threats, such as SQL injection.

Additionally, we can migrate your company’s website to HTTPS; essential for the latest HTTP/2 protocol, and increasingly demanded by users and web browsers.

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IT Security HealthCheck

Our IT Security HealthCheck is a network wide review of all your systems in order to assess your current security posture benchmarked against your key security concerns.
One of our senior IT security and compliance consultants will visit your offices and conduct a thorough review, before providing you with a detailed report which will seek to identify critical issues within your organisation covering security protocols, vulnerability assessment, patch status, network configuration and a physical check of your equipment. In addition, the report will provide a summary of any risks and the top steps you need to take to improve your security and compliance position.

We may also recommend a penetration (pen) test of your web applications, network infrastructure and wireless networks to identify vulnerabilities.

Managed SIEM Service – proactive monitoring

We provide an industry-leading, comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service covering security, compliance and network performance. Our SIEM service is designed to fully integrate with the majority of other security products that you may already have within your network and can easily scale as your network grows and develops.

Cyber Essentials – security best practice

The UK government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme allows UK businesses to demonstrate security best practice with a recognised certification. At Nouveau Solutions, we offer three levels of support to help your company mitigate risk from common internet-based threats, and achieve the Cyber Essentials certification. The certification packages are fixed price and designed so you can choose the level of help you need, for a manageable cost. The certification process is managed through an online portal, giving you complete visibility of the process.

Managed IT Security Service

As a Fortinet Platinum level partner, we are fully-qualified to take care of your entire security infrastructure. Our managed IT security services includes assessing your entire network for weaknesses, before designing, configuring, supporting and proactively monitoring the integrity of your network. Our proactive managed IT security service oversees the management of your firewall, compliance, email security, endpoint protection and SIEM, constantly checking for potential threats and taking appropriate action to keep your network safe.