Image Matching Technologies to Use in App

October 22, 2020
Image Matching Technologies to Use in App

There is a saying – A Picture speaks a thousand words and with AI, you can actually extract those words and make use of it.  There are a plethora of use cases of Image AI technology where we are already using one or another and it is applicable to every startup product out there.

Face recognition Authentication

After the launch of iPhone X and after, we all tend to use face recognition for authenticating our phones,  instead of email passwords which are hard to remember and easy to reveal. Our face is another biometric which creates mathematical algorithms based on our face structure, gaps between eyes, forehead size and so many millions of small details of our face which makes it unique for security.

Object Detection for computer vision – Object detection in a computer is more popular than we actually think it is. It makes decision making automatic and

Some very popular usage is:

  • Self-driving cars detecting humans, traffic lights (with the colours of course) and other moving cars
  • Visitor detection for home security,
  • Analyzing shopper behaviour in-store,
  • People counting camera for security and safe distancing during COVID
  • Bag checking and object detection along with Xray images

Online Shopping Suggestions – When we are on one product, either it shows you similar products for the same colours from another style or shows you different items with matching patterns. This AI utilizes colour and pattern recognition for smart recommendations for matching clothes and accessories based on one purchase. Next time if your customers buy yellow Sneakers, you can also show them a yellow t-shirt.

Interpreting Emotions – emotional AI helps to get companies to decide the emotions of their customers and employees based on their emotional reactions in real-time — by decoding facial expressions, reading voice patterns and voice pitch, eye movements, and measuring neurological immersion levels. This is still very early to have something for a very high accurate solution but it is definitely worth trying.

Content moderation – In the age of social media and user-centric content which is mostly created by users,  It is very hard to determine manually if an image or a video includes unsafe content such as explicit adult or violent graphics. For the app with a rating of 13+, an app can be blacklisted by Google play store or Apple store if app developers do not check the content for their audience. Thanks to AI,  We can automatically block the NSFW content from users without manual moderation and blacklist the users automatically for violating our privacy policies.

Optical character recognition (OCR) –  We commonly have texts in images and videos. Whenever we take pictures of our notes in classrooms or client meetings, If we ever need to get those text from images, The app powered by OCR   can then convert the detected text into machine-readable text. You can following apps to use the machine-readable text detection in images

  • Microsoft OfficeLens
  • Google Lens
  • Cam Scanner

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