How we work

How we work

How our product and design team work

From discussion, designing & development to the launch of your product, our team stands beside you. We do it together as a team !!

05 Steps

01. Meet & Discuss
Every project starts with meetings and discussions to achieve your short term and long term goals.
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02. Ideas & Concepts
We collaboratively define our scope of work and put every minor detail in it which can help you to get the right product for your market audience.
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03. UI/UX & Branding
The most important part, design wireframes & UI/UX to get you a glimpse of the final product to help you in making the right decisions for your marketing.
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04. Build & Develop
Once the design is approved and finalized, we start the project development with the right technologies based on clients’ requirements and kickstart your business.
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05. Test & Deploy
Once we developed the product, our team will put lots of effort into testing and deployment to ensure the product quality.
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Preparing for your success,
we provide fair price model for your Business Solutions.

Fixed Project Based Quote
Once we define the project scope, we provide you a breakdown proposal with a fixed price quote for your financial reference.
Hourly Development Price
In case of R&D & other small tasks, we fairly charge an hourly price, ranging from 20 SGD to 50 SGD depending on the scope and skills required for the task.
Monthly Basis
We are open to talent outsourcing, assigning our developers to work in your team on a monthly basis, and hence lowering the costs dues to longer commitment.
Startup Benefit
Hipster strives to help Singapore Startups if you are just starting your business or self-funded. We provide all the services at a nominal price to help reduce your financial burden.