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Learning management platform Icon

Learning management platform

From online learning, class scheduling and connecting educators to students. This all in one cloud based systems brings experiential learning everywhere and anywhere.

Hybrid Event management platform Icon

Hybrid Event management platform

Your one-stop platform that powers all your events needs from onsite, virtual, meetings, exhibitions and conferences. This platform seamlessly connects your in-person and virtual attendees together for an interactive and engaging event experience.

E-Commerce platform Icon

E-Commerce platform

This platform is an easy way for customers to purchase your products and you can easily convert all your direct and indirect sales channels all in one platform. Where you can gain actionable insights to increase your revenue and customers’ analytics. Some use cases are

  • Rental E-commerce
  • Subscription based E-commerce
  • Product based E-commerce
Virtual Streaming platform Icon

Virtual Streaming platform

Fully personalised streaming platform for your business that connects your business to individuals virtually. You can use this platform for any businesses like:

  • Teleconsultation with doctors
  • E-learning with tutors
  • Virtual events
  • Live shopping
Aptitude learning app Icon

Aptitude learning app

Enhance aptitude learning through interactive and engaging games like:

  • Dot memory game
  • Matching Symbol pairs
  • Rebus puzzle
  • Crosswords
  • Vocab
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Find the relationship
  • Left brain: changing words
  • Guess the Words with suffix and prefix with meaning – Vocab
  • Cards in sequence
Whitelabel Feedback App

Whitelabel Feedback App

Create your own whitelabel feedback app to capture your customers’ feedback about your business through an iPad or QR code. This app gives you the most valuable insights and data analytics about your business, your customers.

Attendance app

Attendance app

Gone are the days, when we used a biometric system for attendance. The attendance app enables you to manage all your employees’ attendance from global offices to local offices with real time updates and cloud insights.

Customer Loyalty app

Customer Loyalty app

Fully customisable customer loyalty app that drives customers engagement and experiences. This app will increase customer’s loyalty and retention to your business.

Community app

Community app

An all in one community app that makes it easy to network socially with people of the same interest, values and beliefs. Stay connected with your community!

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