Graphic Design Company Singapore

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is the art of creating a visual representation for a business or an organisation that shows the users what a business does or the kind of services at offer using a combination of visual graphics as well as the content. The creative design agency Singapore looks after the designing of images, graphics, layout, content which are as per the business requirements. It is the duty of the creative design agency to build and enhance the brand identity of business by designing visually appealing graphics and services.

Branding requires not just content but also the designing of visual themes and graphics which captures the consumers’ attention. We at Hipster are not just a development house but we also offer the best creative design services in Singapore.

We offer various design services such as:

Logo Designing

We help businesses as well as individuals in designing Logos which are aesthetically appealing and easy to recall. Our design team is one of the best creative teams in Singapore and we make sure that your business and brand identity can be felt through the logo with unique design elements.

Website Design

Website designing incorporates the graphics and the visual side of the website development which gives the visitors a unique experience. The website design involves two main parts, one is User-Interface (UI) and the other is User-Experience (UX). Our team is highly skilled in both UI and UX which allows to create and design unique websites for your business or organization delivering you with custom designs and layout. We also take care of the SEO, plugins and even content if you don’t have your own. Hipster offers you the best website designs being one of the best creative design agency Singapore.

Mobile App Screen

Mobile app screens are the first page a user sees on any mobile application and this can also be a reason for them to download or delete the application. We design visually pleasing and satisfying mobile app screens which ensures engagement and elevates the user experience. Hipster offers you the best and creative designs for your mobile application and we are confident that our graphic design company are one of the best in Singapore.


Not every campaign can be run online and there are times when you need to use traditional media like the print to send our fliers or pamphlets as advertisements. We help your business or campaigns by creating and designing fliers and pamphlets. Which are easy to read yet visually appealing to catch the attention of the readers.

Name Card

What’s a business professional without his/her personal visiting cards. Every professional needs their name cards for networking and expanding their professional clientele. Hipster-Inc offers you with creative design ideas for your name card by delivering visual appeal as per your business needs.

Social Media Post/banner

Any social media business account needs its own personalised banner or posts for campaigns or new product launches or teasers. We look after the designing of your social media visual content as well as posts for your campaigns. Which are visually attractive and informative at the same time. We even take care of SEO services. so that your posts are always on the top list when searched through keywords.