Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services

Including Cloud computing in your overall IT environment, you are able to achieve more with your current level of resource. You can rapidly scale up or down, create a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan, and set up a remote working environment. By implementing a hybrid cloud computing approach, you can still get the best out of your existing on-premise systems, while adding functionality via the Cloud. Whichever configuration best suits you, getting the most out of Cloud solutions requires careful consideration of your existing systems and infrastructure, and your overall business requirements.

At Nouveau, we have our own Cloud within a secure data centre, and we can design, configure, and maintain your Cloud solutions. We can also help you interface your on-premises hardware with other public cloud managed services such as Microsoft Azure. Whether entirely cloud-based, or a mixture of on-premise and Hybrid, we can provide a range of cloud solutions and cloud managed services to help you manage your virtual network, and ensure your on-premises hardware and software is fully compatible.

What We Do

Microsoft Office 365

We offer Microsoft Office 365 packages with a range of cloud solutions, including: email, email archiving, telephony and tools that facilitate collaborative working. There are a huge range of options available with Microsoft Office 365, and, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ll give you frank advice on what you need for your own situation. Bearing in mind that you can scale up or down at any time, we’ll help you get the most from your Microsoft Office 365 setup and manage your migration to the Cloud

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Managed Cloud Security

Whilst Microsoft offers robust security, we can offer additional managed cloud security measures for applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 email, to give you extra peace of mind. If you are accessing a third party public cloud, such as Azure, we’ll help to set up, configure, and monitor your mail security, application firewall and overall policy management, where appropriate.

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Cloud Back-up

Backing-up and storing your data in cloud is a low cost, flexible option for this routine, but essential, business act, particularly in light of increasing compliance and regulations. We’ll help you securely access the cloud, and automate the entire back-up process, so you don’t have to spend valuable time on manual back-ups. Depending on how much information you need to store, and whether you need immediate access, we’ll configure your data storage in the Cloud to give you the most cost-effective, scalable and long-term storage solution.

Software as a Service

We provide software as a service from our secure data centre, giving you low-cost, secure access to the applications you need to efficiently run your business. We can configure your existing enterprise software, or develop bespoke applications for your needs. For example, we’ve created our NSL CRM application, which allows Theatres and Leisure centres to run their entire customer management system, including ticketing, booking and membership.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Even if your core IT hardware and infrastructure is entirely on-premise, it’s worth considering a cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Using cloud, we can create a replica of your on-premises system that can be ‘turned on’ with a flick of a switch, meaning that should the worst happen, you can be up and running within minutes. This is a more cost-effective way of building resilience into your systems than the traditional way of duplicating all your hardware.

Cloud Voice

Cloud voice makes it easy to manage customer contacts, and work collaboratively with other teams, no matter where you employees are located. We offer a choice of Cloud solutions, such as Microsoft’s Skype for Business (or Teams as it will be known moving forwards), and Natterbox for sales teams and customer service agents. We can help you set up and configure your cloud voice application, plus integrate it with your other applications, such as SalesForce.

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