To provide a platform where learners could engage honest, caring and competent trainers, and such learned, skilled individuals may reciprocate – fast, easy and direct.

Tueetor’s proprietary, heuristic-mapping technology automatically matches you with a tutor or student based on criteria such as Subject, Level, Qualification, Experience and Budget/Rate. It then provides you with information of suitable candidates, and you decide what to do next.

As a tutor or trainer, there are no repeated documents to submit, long review processes to follow, unreasonable expectations to meet – rate, schedule and subject. You have full control of who, what, when and where you wish to teach. No middleman, no referral fees.

As a hirer, you get to communicate with the tutor directly and in a mode you feel most comfortable with. No one-sided “market rates”, terms and conditions to put up with, and no one is there to rush you into a decision. You have absolute freedom in hiring – who, when, where and how. No waiting time, instant confirmation.



Our solution

Outdated branding that missed the right message for the right customers on the right time and the right place.
Hipster Team spent an entire week to research Plan, Target market and Business goal to understand the right content and designs to display Widus partner as a global brand.
Design of modern one-page website doesn't rank well on SEO. Content which is focussed too much on marketing does not fit with Google Keywords Search.
We redesigned the content based on what is commonly searched on google. We divided content into multiple pages from a single page layout. This website works differently on the mobile phone and on PC.
User Experience which is completely ignored to make things beautiful.
Hipster team uses the combination of functionalities and Designs to create a great User Experience. We involved the Widus team for multiple discussions to create a customized website that suits their business


Tueetor website was created with responsive designs covering all devices and targets for its customers as a global brand.
New devices supported by responsive layouts
80% of customers browse any website using their phones. It gives the business a huge opportunity to connect with them and that consequently generates more business
With Flexibility of content modification
After design and development of the responsive website, Hipster team enabled Widus Partner team to edit their content on the go anytime and anywhere without looking for technical help. We changed the entire website into a WordPress package and then deployed it.
Support and Monitoring
After deployment, We monitor the website for SEO and different internal checks to make sure about the security and operation of Widus partners from time to time.

How our services bring about success