Embark on an adventure to create a world where user-centric technology solutions are available to all.

Great tech takes great people.

We aspire to create websites and applications for all ages, whether ten or a hundred years old. Technology should make our lives better, safer, and not harder.

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What we stand for

We are a digital agency that advocates for technological advancement across industries. Working with our clients to create impactful digital transformation, we have developed end-to-end solutions. Behind great technology is great people! Over the years, we have developed core values that guide our actions, inform decision making and align the team.


Growth mindset

We’re driven by curiosity, continuous learning and believe that every person can grow. That’s why we ignore the age-old advice to hire based on backgrounds. We work with lifelong learners and inspire each other to make a positive impact!



We roll up our sleeves, drink our favorite coffee or tea, and get things done. Sometimes we experiment, we fall, we adapt, and we learn. We are scrappy, resourceful, and don’t wait to be told what to do.



Masters of teamwork, we challenge assumptions, push boundaries, and turn possibilities into realities. Energized by new ideas, we are open-minded and never assume there’s only one solution to a problem. We encourage information sharing because when teams collaborate effectively, they can drive most change and innovation.


Pragmatic and entreprenuerial

Started by serial entrepreneurs who developed their products before helping others build theirs, we look for pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to a problem. Nothing is more satisfying than creating a cool product and seeing it take off.

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Address : 60 Kaki Bukit Place #08-13 Eunos Techpark Singapore 415979

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Address : 3rd & 4th Floor, AROMA SQUARE, CP-102, Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, 226010

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Women in Tech

Doing something new requires drive and passion. I have always wanted to be part of the tech industry. It began for me with adapting to the swift environment, the steep learning curve, then striving for perfection. After giving my all, I believe programming is for those who are passionate about it, irrespective of gender.

To reach our full potential, we need support, guidance, an environment with trust and respect. I experienced this at Hipster, where people trust you, allow you to execute processes the way you envisioned, and respect each individuals' points of view. Hipster is a place for tech enthusiasts willing to try new things. It offers a broad range of support, programmes, and resources to advance women in technology, no matter where you are in your professional development. And if you ask me, amazing things can happen when one woman helps another.

Kalpana Pandey Senior Software Developer in Hipster

Captain of a ship

Being a project manager, I see myself as the glue that holds everything together. My typical day would be filled with calls to ensure that projects run smoothly. I strive to be a humane and motivating project manager who can see multiple perspectives and handle projects logically and emotionally. It is not enough to understand the technical requirements; we often need to work well with people. I truly appreciate our developers. Despite working remotely and in a different time zone, we work closely to see projects through.

Coming from a financial background, going into the tech industry is a real eye-opener. The way I think is different where I stand on users' point of view to make any changes to enhance the user experience. If you want to enter the tech industry, have an open mind, expand your knowledge, and have fun while you are at it!

Cheryl Lua Marketing & Project Manager in Hipster

(Second from right in white top)

We have recently received complaints that members of the public are targeted by some agents through WhatsApp who claim to be from Hipster Private Limited and using our UEN number of Hipster Private Limited to prove that they are legit Singapore companies.

They also use a similar looking domain name, our logo, and address on the website to make it as similar & credible as possible.

We want to make it very clear that Our company doesn't appoint any agent/recruiter for this so call 'money earning by apps rating' or 'any Ponzi scheme' where you need to deposit any money to get jobs.

Our jobs are always posted on official company pages on social media such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and WSG.