Android App Developer Singapore

September 21, 2020
App Developer Singapore

With mobile apps becoming the go-to solutions for businesses, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the current interface for mobile apps. The increasing dependency on technology for everyday life activities and complex business solutions has, in turn, caused a rise in demand for android app development companies across the globe.  There is a plethora of android app developer Singapore, but if you are in search of the best android app development company, then Hipster is your go-to place. It provides top-notch mobile app solutions for diverse platforms. The android app developers at Hipster offer custom android app development services for businesses as well as startups to engage users effectively.

What makes Hipster the best Android App Development Service Provider in Singapore

  • Being one of the top software development agencies, Hipster has been delivering 50+ projects for more than 30 clients and offers highly tailored android app development, design, and support services.
  • Whether it is a native app or a hybrid app, the dedicated team at Hipster nails the projects of its clients by giving expert pieces of advice, amazing UI/UX design, and applications that fit their requirements.

Hipster: The Best Android App Development Company in Singapore

Mobile application development includes application development and UI/UX design. Hipster, through its android app development services, develops applications for mobile devices, which can run on Android platforms.

Types of Android App Development by Hipster

Hipster builds award-winning android apps from design to develop and maintain for its clients in long term. It develops android platforms in both, native and hybrid mobile apps, to deliver dynamic and polished Android apps.

Native Applications It is the right fit for projects that put user experience as the priority. 

It uses Java to develop android applications. 

Hybrid Applications  They are used if clients launch apps on both android and iOS platforms. 

It uses popular frameworks, such as Google Flutter, Reacts, Native, and IONIC.

Android App Developer Singapore

  • Android App developers are software developers who specialize in designing applications for the android marketplace.
  • The android app development services, at Hipster, are offered by android app developers.
  • The Android App developers at Hipster work within the Managed Services Team and their primary role is to ensure that the android apps run smoothly.

Skills Required to be an Android App Developer

  • To work as an android app developer, one must have a Bachelors’s or Masters’s degree in Computer Science or related technical fields.
  • They must possess exemplary technical leadership abilities, such that they can make critical decisions during times of ambiguity.
  • The android app developers must possess excellent system design and object-oriented design skills, and must possess excellent coding abilities, too.
  • They must have an in-depth understanding of Android SDK, Android NDK, and JNI.

Responsibilities of Android Mobile App Developer in Singapore

  • An android app developer is required to develop features in native Android applications based on technical designs and feature specifications.
  • They contribute to the creation of future specifications and technical design schematics.
  • They contribute to analysis activities, like storyboarding, developing use cases, creating functional requirements specifications, and more.
  • They participate in code reviews.
  • They contribute to facilitating acceptance testing procedures and monitoring results.
  • They create user interfaces through Layout Editor or code.
  • They discuss and provide architectural and technical guidance to a team of highly skilled engineers.

How does an Android App Developer at Hipster provide Android App Development Services to Clients?

Hipster has a team of android app developers that deliver projects through a five-step process, which has been outlined below:

Discussion While taking any project, Hipster holds meetings and engages in an in-depth discussion, to ensure that the short-term and the long-term goals are achieved. 

The team at Hipster collaboratively defines its scope of work and focuses on every minute detail, such that it can cater to the needs of the market audience and deliver the right product.

Ideas and Concepts The team at Hipster collaboratively defines its scope of work and focuses on every minute detail, such that it can cater to the needs of the market audience and deliver the right product. 
UI/UX and Branding This is the most important step, during which a glimpse of the final product is given, such that right marketing decisions can be made. 
Build and Develop During this step, the process of android app development starts, based on the requirements of the clients, such that they can kick start their business. 
Test and Deploy In this step, the android app developed by the company is tested and deployed to ensure that the app developed is of the finest quality.    

Android Applications Developed by Hipster

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