Hipster – Your most reliable software department

We are a team of software engineers passionate in Information Technology. We marry business acumen with our programming logic to deliver practical software to our clients.

Today, every business needs the help of information technology to compete. It could be a form of digital marketing delivery, websites, mobile apps or internal software to boost productivity. Unfortunately, supporting such IT infrastructure organically can be resource draining and dilute attention away from the core business.

With Hipster, we come in as the IT expert and serve as an integrated IT solution partner because Information Technology is our core business. Over the several years, we have built a team of dedicated software engineers to deliver quality products and services. We believe one plus one is larger than two; operating internally as a company and partnering externally with you.

At Hipster, we want to make that easy for you. Hipster is a creative digital agency of experienced software engineers, marketers and problem solvers founded in Singapore.

Over the past decade, we’ve built a team of experts from around the world to build your tech aspirations. From building startups to partnering with established companies, we have garnered the experience in growing together hand-in-hand with a commitment.


We operate with proficiency in network setup and enterprise security solution.


Hipster not only employs engineers from accredited universities, we also ensure they are proud individuals who take pride in their work, your product.


We don’t just work during office hours. We work when our client needs our expertise.


From the start to the end of project delivery, you will always have a team member, by name, answering your queries.


All projects are launched with growth and expansion options in mind.


Our solutions are original. We are proficient software engineers and product efficient programming codes. We do not allow our IT innovation to hinder our clients’ business innovation.

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