7 Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

April 21, 2021

The success of any business is ascertained based on several factors. Some of the basic factors would be- accessibility, customer satisfaction, sales and brand recognitions. Before we dive into how a mobile application can be beneficial for a business, let us take a look at some interesting statistics.

  • As of 2021, there are nearly 7 billion mobile users worldwide.
  • According to a study conducted by Hootsuite in January 2021 for internet users aged 16 to 64:

a) 81.5% of users searched for a product/service online

b) 69.4% of total internet users got on a shopping app through their mobile or tablet

c) 77% of users purchased a product online, out of which 55.4% did it via their mobile devices.

  • 92% of the total time spent on mobile phones is through apps, and only 8% is spent using a web browser.

Mobile Apps vs Responsive Ecommerce Websites

The last statistic mentioned above states that 92% of time spent on mobile devices is via an app. While many companies might struggle with picking between a mobile application and having a responsive website, it is really not a difficult decision.

A responsive website would be a website that users can browse and navigate through on their mobile devices without missing out any features as compared to a desktop user. Having a mobile responsive website is quite important, but a mobile application has some added benefits.

So, what gives mobile apps an edge over mobile responsive websites?

  • Mobile applications are faster that mobile responsive websites
  • Mobile applications are user friendly and easier to navigate
  • They help understand your long term customers and analyse their behaviour
  • They can be used offline

The advantages and reasons of having a mobile application developed for your business will be discussed in detail further in the article. A responsive website is common among businesses with an online presence these days. It is cheaper and easier to come up with when compared to a mobile application. However, one cannot use a responsive website as a substitute for a mobile application.

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Advantages of Mobile Apps in the Modern Business Environment

Change is the only thing that’s permanent. Gone are the days when Mobile apps and digital transformation of businesses were a thing of the future. The recent pandemic has made online business transactions skyrocket in several economic industries. It is the responsibility of all businesses, no matter how big or small, to align their practices with market trends. Here’s a list of advantages that a mobile app can have for your business:

1) Enhances Customer Engagement

A well developed Mobile app is easier to navigate and work with as compared to a website or a web app. A mobile app brings together an arsenal of useful features into a compact screen which can be accessed and expanded using a few simple clicks. For instance, suppose you have an e-commerce website and you decide to build a mobile app for the same. After installing the app, customers can view, filter, save, provide/access feedback, post queries, buy, return, pay, track, contact customer care, and much more using the app. To put it plainly, a well developed mobile app is user-friendly, therefore more engaging.

2) Sales Growth

When a customer installs your mobile app on their device, you have the ability to actively notify them of various promotional discounts/offers via push notifications. This feature allows any business provider to establish an effective communication channel with their customer base and send regular updates regarding offers, new products, and much more. Many e-commerce platforms use this feature to their advantage by reminding customers about items they have saved in their cart. Push notifications become an effective way to make customers aware of new offers and similar plans, which in turn increase your sales.

3) Brand Recognition

A mobile application will create awareness of your brand and introduce it to the digital world. Instead of investing in expensive and conventional ways of brand promotion such as billboards and television advertisements, it is easier and more effective for small and medium scale enterprises to embrace technological ways of brand promotion. There are several ways your business can attract customers to install your app on their phone. Many companies offer discounts upon installation of their mobile app. Additionally, you can offer your customers more discount coupons if they make someone else install your mobile app using a referral code.

Once a user has installed your mobile application, there’s various ways to enhance value and customer experience. Not only do you get a bigger customer base, you have the opportunity to prove your business a reliable brand. Satisfied customers is what gives any business a positive brand image.

4) Better Analysis of Customer Behavior

Equipped with a mobile application, your business unplugs immense potential for growth and strategy. Mobile app analytics can help you observe customer behavior and marketing trends which can give you an extensive insight on what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge can in turn be used to come up with business strategies and ideas which help expansion of your sales. Mobile analytics will help observe user sessions and user flow. Apart from accessing information on customer behavior, mobile analytics will also present to you any issues such as bugs or crashes that you may need to fix.

5) Allows Customer Feedback & Establishes Transparency

Feedback from customers who have purchased your goods or services is a crucial step in attracting more customers and satisfying existing customers. There are two primary possibilities that can occur after a customer makes a business transaction with your company- they can either be satisfied with the product/service, or they can be dissatisfied with their experience. While the former scenario will boost the business authenticity, the latter will give you an opportunity to fix the shortcomings.

Either way, a transparent business transaction would occur. Many e-commerce businesses with mobile apps have features like order tracking, refund policy, and customer care support. These features allow for transparency and ethical business practices which encourage customers to indulge with your business and be at ease while purchasing goods/services from your company.

6) Builds Brand Loyalty by Adding Value to Customers

Every business desires that their customers remain with their brand and do not shift to competitors.  An effective way to retain customers is by offering a membership or loyalty card which rewards them with points every time they purchase something from the company. Most businesses like KFC and Starbucks employ this tactic to retain customers.

With a mobile app, one can add value to their customers digitally by offering rewards for every purchase they make. This will encourage customers to purchase more as at the end they can get a free product by redeeming their awards. And who doesn’t like a free/extremely discounted product/service?

7) Return on Investment

Hiring a digital solutions company to develop a mobile application for your business is not cheap. While the return on investment (ROI) for a mobile app is generally favourable, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) should keep in mind a few things before investing in the same:

  • Clearly defined goals and expectations are a must along with the target audience
  • The focus should be on customer satisfaction and retention instead of customer growth
  • Start with a basic version of your mobile app
  • Gradually develop and enhance features of your app
  • Hire a trusted company with proven expertise to develop your mobile app

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What to Consider Before Creating a Mobile App?

Before planning a mobile application for your business, consider the following questions. What purpose will your app primarily serve? What are the monetary and technical resources that would be required to develop a mobile app? What are your goals for the mobile app?

Don’t try to build a mobile app just because it’s become a trend and everyone else is doing it. Think of the benefits you could reap with a mobile app at your service. It’s true that a plethora of opportunities present themselves with a mobile app at your disposal. It will allow you to engage with clients better, create brand awareness for your company, even ease transaction processes and enhance your reach. However, a company should think and plan before they invest.

Conclusively, hire a company which is reliable and possesses the required expertise to build a mobile app that matches your expectations and achieves your goal.